Asian Corporate Governance Association

The Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA) is a nonprofit membership association dedicated to promoting substantive improvements in corporate governance in Asia through independent research, advocacy and education. ACGA is funded by a membership base of more than 100 highly regarded organizations based in Asia and other parts of the world, including several of the world’s […]

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Chamber Topics: A Regional Resource

APCAC –the Asian Pacific Council of American Chambers – recently expanded to comprise 29 AmChams in the region and held its spring meetings in Singapore. Several AmCham HK members participated in the conference and related meetings for chamber leaders. Richard Vuylsteke reports This year’s annual APCAC conference, hosted by AmCham Singapore on March 11-13 at […]

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What’s APCAC?

APCAC recently expanded its membership to 30 AmChams in Asia Pacific, extending from Japan and Korea in the north, to Australia and New Zealand in the south, and west to India and Sri Lanka. Overall, these chambers represent roughly 15,000 companies in the region, employ an estimated 10 million people, manage annual trade volumes in […]

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Intellectual Property: Protecting Alibaba’s Intellectual Property

Having shattered global records, e-commerce Alibaba has stolen the global spotlight with its massive amount of moved goods. David Ho, Alibaba Group’s legal counsel based in Hong Kong, speaks to the challenges and opportunities of intellectual property protection for one of the world’s most talked about companies By Liana Cafolla Just about everything to do […]

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